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Elmer Verburg wrote a book called "Elmer's Engines" in 1989, which now appears to be out of print. Not sure, but most of the plans in the book appear to be articles he wrote for a now-defunct magazine, "Model Tec". Copies of this book can be had for $325 and up as high as $3000.

Apparently there is at least one scam artist out there trying to pass off these engines as his own designs. For more information, go Here

Anyway, some enterprising hobbiest(s) has/have scanned most of the pages of Elmer's book, and I'm posting some of them here, as well as a few plans from other sources.

Have also learned that Elmer's widow transferred the copyright to the book to Dirk Tollenaar, from north Texas, with instructions to keep the engine plans available free to those who are looking for them. Dirk has looked into having the book republished, but there is just not quite enough demand to cover the expenses of republishing. Dirk has, however, reviewed most of my pages and has no conflict with my republishing the plans here.

All of the Elmers pages are available, but haven't had time to post them yet. Also, the ones currently posted are the ones for which I've been able to find good pictures or videos. If you know of images of engines I've not yet posted, let me know, and I'll try to get them posted.

Just recently found an interesting build by John "Bogstandard", which was published on the "Paddleduck" site in the UK. This is an adaptation of a long build which conains lots of basic machining advise, and is quite interesting in that the engines was built and designed at the same time. The term 'Paddleduck' is British for what we call 'Paddlewheels' in the US.

Important Notice

The apparent copyright owner has placed restrictions on distribution of the Elmer articles. Not sure what the final outcome will be, but in the interim, all links to the engine articles have been disabled.

Elmer Verburg

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Rick Kerr, aka rake60, operates another website devoted to machinist built engine models. Rick is an experienced professional machinist. When you stop by, tell him Tom said "hello".

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